Programme Description
How do we foster genuine connectedness? How do we authentically relate to those around us, to our families, to ourselves and to God? How can we be mindful of our interactions and honour the potential for growth in each moment? How do we navigate the difficulties modern life imposes on our interactions? In a time of hyperconnectivity but often superficial connectedness, in which so many suffer from loneliness and demands on our time seem ever-growing, it is necessary to take stock and reconnect with this essential part of the Islamic tradition.

Building upon the successful Spiritual Wellness and Mindful Resilience programme held at the CMC in April 2018, this two-day programme aims for participants to become better equipped to develop self-awareness in their relating to others, to themselves and to God. Through teaching and breakout groups, participants should gain a better understanding of the inner disposition required to improve self-awareness and a toolkit with which to improve their relating skills. The weekend will have a strong focus on the notion of heartfulness, an Islamically based approach to mindfulness, which underpins the process of becoming more present and effective in our relationships, both horizontal and vertical.

The programme will be led by Abdallah Rothman, who will deliver the teachings in a combination of lectures, discussions, interactive experiential exercises, and small break out groups, assisted by trained alumni of Ta’leef Collective’s Refining the Core Program.

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Programme Objectives

By the end of the programme, participants will:

  • have an understanding of authentic relating and how to foster it
  • be better equipped to honour the pivotal importance of mindful relating for Muslims
  • learn tools to develop self-awareness in their relating to others through mindfulness practice and interactive workshops
  • understand and be able to implement active listening
  • feel more comfortable with vulnerability – theirs and that of others
  • be acquainted with the idea of skillful self-disclosure
  • have a better understanding of and be able to identify obstacles to authentic relating
  • understand the importance of our relationship to self and how this affects our relationship with God and others

23 & 24 February, 10AM – 5PM (FULLY BOOKED)

Instructor Bio
Abdallah Rothman is a Licensed Professional Counsellor with 15 years’ experience as a practicing counselling psychologist working with individuals, families and young people. In addition to his academic and clinical training in Western psychology, Abdallah studies and practices Islamic Psychology and is currently doing doctoral research in this area. He was an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University and established Shifaa Integrative Counselling, a private practice offering Islamically-integrated psychotherapy to the Muslim community in Washington DC. Abdallah’s clinical practice as well as his academic research focus on approaching counselling from within an Islamic paradigm.

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