Alongside its teaching, Cambridge Muslim College hosts and supports academics, including prominent early-career scholars to engage in post-doctoral research.

Our aim is to enhance the impact of Muslim scholars at the leading edge of credible academic work in any field relevant to the College’s mission. In the long term, the College sees this original research as essential for developing authentic and relevant Islamic answers to the questions and problems facing the modern world. Only scholars fully immersed in both the Islamic tradition and most up-to-date research can provide this, and the College is uniquely placed to support them.


Research Fellowships

Cambridge Muslim College is pleased to support a number of Research Fellowships each year. The John Templeton Foundation has funded two Religion & Science Fellows every year since 2019, and an annual conference to showcase their research.

Research Fellows

Our 2019-20 Fellows and their interests are listed here:

Dr Razia Sultanova has studied and worked at both the Tashkent and Moscow State Conservatories and worked at the Russian Institute of Art Studies in Moscow. In 1994 she moved to reside in the UK and work at the University of London and since 2008 has worked at the University of Cambridge. She is the author of four books and five edited volumes (in Russian, French and English) on Central Asian gender, religion and music. She has been a visiting Professor at Moscow State Conservatory (Russia), at the Kazakh National University of Arts (Nur-Sultan), and at the Khoja Ahmet Yassawi Kazakh-Turkish University (Kazakhstan/Turkey).

Dr Yaqub Chaudhary holds a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London, where he worked on the Physics of Plastic Electronic Materials and their potential use in future types of lasers. Prior to this he studied Electronic Engineering at the same institution. As Research Fellow in Science and Religion he is reprising his long-standing interest in Artificial Intelligence and his current research project will consider recent developments in the fields of AI, cognitive science and neuroscience in connection with Islamic conceptions of the mind, intelligence, human reasoning, cognition, knowledge, the nature of perception and consciousness.

Research Papers

From time to time, Cambridge Muslim College commissions scholarly papers and articles. Seven of these are published and can be downloaded as PDF documents by clicking on the titles below. (If required, you can download the PDF reader here).