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Qur’anic themes, parables from Surah Kahf, tafsir of Surah Ya Sin & Allah’s ‘Call to Believers’.

– with Dr Najah Nadi, Dr Samir Mahmoud, Shaykh Sohail Hanif
 & Dr Hisham A Hellyer

Looking at hadith from the Prophet ﷺ on faith, fasting & character.

– with Shaykh Yasser Qureshy & Dr Mariam Sheibani

Moments of presence & personal refinement relating to fasting.

 – with Dr Abdallah Rothman & Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

Finding creative inspiration from the heavens and Islamic history.

– with Dr Amel Durakovic & Dr Amina Nawaz

Wisdoms on life, love & death.

– with Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad


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Plan Your Ramadan

Focus on the Qur’an on weekdays followed by reminders from Prophetic tradition and self reflection. Complement these on weekends with inspiring sessions on fasting,  self-improvement,  astronomy,  arts & culture.

Ramadan Moments: 1pm Fridays

Keynote Talks: 7pm Mon – Sun (every day) & 9.30pm Sat & Sun (weekends only)

Short Reminders: 9.30pm & 2am Mon – Fri (weekdays only)

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