International Conference, 7-9 March 2018
University of Tübingen
Venue: Neue Aula, Großer Senat

Theological anthropology as the study of the human person within a particular religious tradition has always formed an important part of theology. Today, in responding to contemporary challenges, theological anthropology needs to develop a new approach that takes into account other religious traditions and their understanding of the human being. Christianity and Islam are the most widespread religions and, at the same time, are very close to each other in their origins. A discussion of theological anthropology in an interreligious perspective will be important for their mutual understanding and will allow both Christians and Muslims to cast new light on their own traditions. The conference is scheduled to take place in Tübingen (7-9 March 2018), with a maximum of 20 papers being presented. The conference aims to promote academic discussions in interreligious perspective and also provide a good space for informal communications between academics and students. We hope this will be the first conference in a series of similar events in different locations (Cambridge, Moscow, Rome, Sarajevo, etc.).

In the course of the conference the following issues will be addressed:

  • The human person in Christian and Islamic traditions: differences and convergences in understanding;
  • Biblical and Qur’anic humanism;
  •  Personalist trends in Christianity and Islam;
  • The imago Dei in Christianity and takhalluq bi-akhlāq Allāh in Islam;
  • Mutual influences of Christian and Muslim anthropologies in the course of history;
  • Traditional and new anthropological approaches in Christianity and Islam;
  • The human being in society: Christian and Muslim perspectives;
  • The human person in the face of contemporary challenges: Christian and Muslim responses;

The conference is jointly organised by the University of Tübingen (Lejla Demiri, Center for Islamic Theology & Christoph Schwöbel, Institute of Hermeneutics and Cultural Dialogue), St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute in Moscow (Alexei Bodrov), and Cambridge Muslim College, UK (Tim Winter).

The conference is funded by Fritz Thyssen Stiftung für Wissenschaftsförderung.

To register your participation please contact Jennah G. Sari <>