Cambridge Muslim College & John Templeton Foundation

Religion & Science Conference 2018

‘Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness’

15th & 16th September 2018

Cambridge Muslim College is pleased to announce that registration for the 2018 Religion & Science Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness is now open. The conference, which will take place on 15th and 16th September 2018 at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, will bring together scientific research alongside theological and philosophical perspectives in two broadly related areas: the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence, and the physics and science of consciousness.

Please click here for more information about the conference and to register to attend. Registration for a day’s attendance includes lunch at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, as well as refreshments throughout the day.


Day I

Mark Harris – Introduction to Religion and Science Discourse

Prof. Margaret Boden – “Not Gizmos, but Ghosts: AI and the Mind”

Nazif Muhtaroglu – “An Analysis of the Strong AI in terms of Two Ontologies”

David Glass – “AI, Emotions and the Image of God”

Ron Chrisley – TBC

Paul Schweizer – “Artificial Brains and Hybrid Minds”

Yaqub Chaudhary – TBC

Prof. Luciano Floridi – TBC

Mujeeb Khan – “Knowledge and Fact: Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition in the Islamic Tradition”

Abubakr Abid & Mehmet Efe Akengin – “Artificial Intelligence for Islamic Law Needs to Perform Domain Adaptation”

Brian Pitts – TBC


Day II

John Cornwell – “AI and the Religious Imagination”

Sarah Lane Ritchie – “God and the ‘Hard Problem’: Does Religion Need Consciousness to Remain a Mystery?”

Asim Islam – TBC

Steven S. Gouveia – “Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence: Mind-Uploading, Death and Immortality”

Daniel D. De Haan – “Confronting Conflicting Concepts of Consciousness”

Aku Visala – “AI and Theological Models of Intelligence”