External Programmes support the dissemination of the College’s work and build relationships with the local public, as well as national and international partners. This is accomplished by developing and implementing educational programmes that contribute to developing faith and thought leadership related to Islam and modernity, as well as literacy around Islam and Muslim practices.

We have a considerable and diverse audience and therefore aim to provide educational programmes and services that are of high quality and relevant to the needs of each audience base. Our programmes are developed with our current academic faculty as well as through collaborations with leading experts in their fields, both nationally and internationally.

Autumn 2018 Term

– All classes are free of charge to attend at the College.
– Space is limited, please register in advance.
– Classes and lectures are organised as a series. Participants are encouraged to attend each session.
– You must register for each session individually. Registering for one class does not put you on the attendance list for all classes.
– Evening classes are 45 minutes – 1 hour with the remainder time left for questions and discussion.


From the Minds of Jurists: Purity & Prayer and their Wider Implications
Taught by: Dr Sohail Hanif
In this class students will be introduced to the discipline of Islamic law, including its primary institutions and historical foundations. Students will explore key topics related to prayer and purity in order to explore the wisdom behind Islamic legal rulings. Through case studies, students will examine particular patterns of reasoning and their implication on the world, society, and the human subject.
Dates: 3, 17, 31 Oct; 14, 28 Nov; 12 Dec
Time: 18:00 – 19:30

Lecture series: Paradigms of Leadership
Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad
Dates: 20 October; 10 November; 1 December
Time: 10 – 11:30