LibraryThe mission of the College is to provide world-class education, training and research that is rooted in the rich intellectual heritage of Islamic civilization and responsive to the ideas and circumstances of the modern world. This is not only an obvious need within the contemporary Muslim community, but is entirely in keeping with the dynamic processes of intellectual and cultural renewal throughout Muslim history.

The new BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies is a uniquely significant development in the work of the College to renew and strengthen these processes. The aims of the programme are:

  • To teach students the fundamental themes of the Islamic tradition as historically interpreted by the leading scholars of mainstream Islamic thought and practice;
  • To teach students how the Islamic tradition as a coherent intellectual and spiritual body of knowledge developed over time and responded to changing historical circumstances;
  • In the light of this knowledge, to allow students to examine ways in which contemporary thought and society might challenge, reinforce or reshape the Islamic tradition;
  • To equip students with relevant intellectual and practical skills that will help them articulate and apply their knowledge and understanding of the Islamic tradition in contemporary society.