Visiting Lecturer in Islamic Studies

Shaykh Badreldeen Ismail is originally from Egypt and has spent over fifteen years studying under the leading scholars in Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Ahsā. He is educated in the field of Classical Islamic Sciences, with expertise in a vast array of subjects, demonstrated by the fact that he has received traditional ijāzas from more than thirty prominent scholars. Shaykh Badreldeen has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from at Cairo University in Arabic Language, Arabic Literature and Islamic Philosophical Theology. He holds an MA in Islamic Studies from SOAS.

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Shaykh Badreldeen’s teaching experience has spanned over 10 years. He has taught various disciplines of Arabic and Islamic transmitted and rational heritage in several academic institutions in Egypt and the UK. The core of his teaching covers Qura’nic exegetical methods, Hadith studies, kalām and legal theory.