*New* BA (Hons) & Validation

We are delighted to announce that our Four-Year Programme, now to be known as our BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies, has been fully validated by The Open University. Our programme graduates will thus receive a BA Honours degree accredited by a major UK higher education provider.

The Open University is an ideal partner institution for CMC. Not only is it passionately committed to broadening access to higher education, it maintains a consistently high standard of research and teaching excellence, and has twice appeared in first place in student satisfaction surveys of UK universities. CMC is proud to be offering its graduates a degree which carries considerable national and international prestige, and which will significantly enhance their employability.

The degree is unlike traditional Islamic Studies courses taught at UK universities given its focus on core religious subjects. However a full exposure to contemporary critical scholarly methods is ensured, making our approach up-to-date as well as authentic.

Following a demanding selection and interview process we are very pleased to have been able to recruit thirteen undergraduates of both genders to form a strong first cohort of students.

Whilst applications are now closed to join our first cohort, applications are expected to reopen in Spring 2019 for the BA (Hons) to run from 2020 – 2023.

For further information about the BA (Hons) please see our section BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies.