Cambridge Muslim College is pleased to announce a public lecture on Wednesday 20th January 2016: Will We Ever Understand Each Other? Muslims and Christians in the 15th/21st Century Speaker: Daniel A. Madigan SJ Wednesday 20th January, 6.30pm Venue: Cambridge Muslim College, 14 St Paul’s Road, Cambridge CB1 2EZ Poster and further details. This lecture will examine some of the most […]

New Posts for Former CMC Staff

We congratulate Dr Amina Nawaz (former CMC supervisor) who has been appointed as Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Tübingen. Congratulations, too, to Mujadad Zaman (former CMC curriculum developer) who has also gained employment at the University of Tübingen as Research Associate.

A public talk entitled Training British Muslim Religious Leaders, arranged by Cambridge Muslim College and City Circle, is taking place on Firday 27 November. Covering questions such as who speaks for Islam in Britain today, where are they trained and how, and is their message authentic and relevant, the speakers will include Shaykh Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera, Shaykha Safia Shahid […]

Two alumni from our Diploma year 2013-14, married couple Shams Tameez and Halimah Shams-Tameez, had the opportunity to participate in an exchange trip with the Istanbul-based institution iSAR this summer.  They write: This was both a unique and rare opportunity. An opportunity which would lead to many new openings. Istanbul as a city is unique; full of history, knowledge and experience. […]

Launch of Science Reading Club

The Cambridge Muslim College is pleased to announce the start of a monthly reading club for Muslims engaged with science. Essentially, this is an opportunity for Muslim scientists to gather to discuss religion and science-based issues. Each month, a paper or chapter from a book will be selected for discussion. Further details and how to register your interest here.

Cambridge Muslim College is again delighted to offer its five-day programme, introducing Western-trained mental health professionals to the philosophy and methodology of psychology from an Islamic perspective.  Those successfully completing the programme will be awarded a Certificate in Attendance on Islamic Approaches to Psychology & Psychotherapy. For further information and full course details, please click on this link: Islamic Approaches […]

Since the turn of the century there has been frequent talk of ‘home-grown’ imams and the development of Islamic theology with a European perspective. This talk will survey the realities in several European countries and identify some of the challenges to European institutions of higher education, governments, and Muslim organisations. Jørgen S. Nielsen is one of the foremost scholars on […]

Cambridge Muslim College is pleased to announce a call for papers for a conference on the history of British Muslims. We would like to invite all scholars and researchers working on any aspect of the history of British Muslims to submit an abstract for this conference. The call for papers and further details can be found here.

Research Fellow Appointment

A warm welcome to Dr Samer Dajani, who joins CMC as a Research Fellow for the academic year 2015-16.  Dr Samer has completed his PhD at SOAS on the relationship between fiqh & spirituality and studies the different methodologies of the Sunni schools of jurisprudence, as well as broader theories on legal diversity and the nature of the Shari’a.   More […]

Report on CMC’s First Academic Symposium

Cambridge Muslim College recently hosted its first academic symposium, titled ‘From Revelation to Scripture: A Symposium on Divine Speech and Prophetic Inspiration’. Ten papers were presented by an international group of scholars, including participants based in the USA, Italy, Iran, Norway and Germany. Lively and intellectually rich discussions were held during the interdisciplinary panels, as well as during the breaks. […]

The Cambridge Muslim College and the Center for Islamic Theology at the University of Tübingen collaborated recently in a 5-day ‘Crash Course’ on The Cosmological Argument in Analytic Philosophy and Traditional Kalām. CMC’s Research Fellows, Ibrahim Harvey and Harith bin Ramli, enjoyed productive and lively discussions led by Prof. Bruce Reichenbach. CMC and Tübingen hope to cooperate further with many […]

This week, Dean Abdal Hakim Murad visited our partner institution ISAR (Istanbul Foundation for Research and Education) in its new campus in Üsküdar. Meeting with Director, Professor Recep Sentürk and senior members of the ISAR team, he discussed final arrangements for the CMC-ISAR exchange programme, and toured ISAR’s teaching and accommodation facilities. The first two CMC alumni to qualify for this […]

CMC Welcomes BBC Producer

The College recently hosted award-winning Senior Producer, Rosie Dawson, for a one-week placement.  Rosie, best known for producing Radio 4’s programme ‘Beyond Belief’, was taking advantage of a scheme offered by the BBC’s Religion and Ethics department whereby weary producers can seek refreshment and inspiration away from the demands of programme production and deadlines. She writes of her experience at the […]

We are delighted to publish the programme for the ‘From Revelation to Scripture’ symposium, due to be held at the College on 12th September 2015. This will be a free public event requiring registration for attendance. Please see the attached document for full details.

CMC Placement for Trainee Vicar

The College was pleased to welcome Nicola Brown, an ordinand (trainee vicar) in the Church of England, for a two week placement as part of her ordination training.  Nicola writes: ‘It was a fantastic experience.  I learned so much through attending classes, and through meeting and talking with the students and staff, and I was bowled over by how warmly […]

CMC Calligraphy Project

‘CMC is collaborating with Barzakh Productions in a new project to promote and document the Andalusian style of Arabic calligraphy, said to be Europe’s only indigenous way of writing the Holy Qur’an. See the trailer now: ‘

Visit from Lay Centre Director

The College was very happy to welcome Donna Orsuto, Director of the Lay Centre in Rome, who visited recently to share iftar with staff and students.  The Lay Centre has hosted our Diploma students on five residential trips since 2010, offering a wealth of culture and history, inter-faith dialogue and friendship.

Two former CMC Research Fellows, Dr Abdur-Rahman Mangera and Dr Mansur Ali, received awards at the recent BISCA ceremony. We congratulate Dr Abdur-Rahman Mangera (CMC Research Fellow 2013-14) for his award for outstanding contribution to Publishing.  He has written Fiqh al-Imam, co-authored Reflections of Pearls, translated Hasan al-Basri’s Prayers for Forgiveness, Abu Hanifa’s Al-Fiqh al-Akbar, Provisions for the Seekers, Salat & Salam: In Praise of Allah’s […]

The Future of the Madrasa

The Cambridge Muslim College and Kalam Research and Media recently hosted a two-day meeting of Muslim educators in partnership, in Cambridge. The meeting focused on the theme of ‘The Future of the Madrasa’ and participants included Abdal Hakim Murad, Recep Senturk, Saeed Foudeh, Osama Elsayed, Amin Kholwadia, Mahan Mirza, Omar Qureshi, Talal Al-Azem and Hamza Karamali. The participants each gave […]

CMC Newsletter – May 2015

Our latest newsletter has just been published and summarises recent developments at the Cambridge Muslim College.  Read it here: CMC Newsletter-May-2015 Rajab-1436