*Bosnia Heritage Tour* August 2018


  • 4-star hotels with breakfast and three dinners
  • Airport transfers (Sarajevo only); any other city can be arranged at an additional charge
  • Local Muslim tour guides
  • Entrance fees to main sights
  • Daily lectures by international and local scholars



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+44 (0) 208123 7861

This is Bosnia.

A land of green valleys, soaring minarets, and a deep and vibrant Muslim culture which has endured against the odds for over five hundred years. This summer a unique tour is being organised to introduce you to some of Bosnia’s hidden gems.

Come and join us, as we stay in exquisite surroundings in the historic city of Sarajevo, with its bazaars and halal restaurants, and then venture forth to meet great scholars and teachers, and to visit some secret places off the beaten track. You will be with leading international experts who will teach you every day and enrich your Islamic knowledge.

Come to beautiful Blagaj and the breathtaking source of the river Buna.

Come to the old capital of Travnik and pray in its historic Coloured Mosque.

Immerse yourself in the unique beauty of Mostar, with its world-famous Ottoman bridge and its dozens of exquisite ancient mosques and madrasas.

Come hiking with us through remote glens and by sparkling mountain streams beneath the soaring peaks of Igman and Bjelasnica.

This summer, renew your Iman, refresh your soul, and improve your Islamic knowledge in this wonderful European oasis of beauty and Islamic heritage.